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Zurich Integrative Rodent Physiology (ZIRP)

Registration & Booking of Equipment


The ZIRP offers its users to manage most of its equipment via an online reservation system, allowing both the online reservation of equipment and to check for free capacities at a single glance.

Initial registration is required prior to booking equipment the first time. Note that only trained and approved users can register and thus reserve equipment and that a valid permission number is a pre-requisite to perform animal experiments. Please read the ZIRP guidelines (PDF, 158 KB) before starting the registration process.

Always remember to keep your reservations up to date. Bookings can be modified or cancelled until 6.00 PM the day prior to usage. Thereafter, booked equipment will be charged based on the entries in the reservation system. The valid user fees are published on the ZIRP website.

Scheduled maintenance work will be posted as early as possible. However, emergency maintenance works will take priority over user work.

Please register here - if you are already registered, proceed to the booking system

For additional information on how to use the booking system and whom to contact if you need help, please click here


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