3Rs (Refine, Reduce, Replace)

mouse EchoMRI mouse EchoMRI


ZIRP has a strong interest in refining experimental procedures in order to improve animal welfare but also the robustness of experimental data.

ZIRP is participating in 3R initiatives like the implementation of tunnel handling or rat tickling into mouse and rat handling. ZIRP members are part of the culture of care working group hosted by the Swiss 3RCC as well as of different national and international professional organisations like the European Academy for Labotatory Animal Surgery,(EALAS), the European College of Laboratory Medicine (ECLAM), the European Society for Laboratory Animal Veterinarians (ESLAV) or the Swiss Society for Laboratoy Animal Science (SGV)

ZIRP also bundles competencies with a number of platforms available at the University of Zurich offering expertise and special techniques suitable for the construction and modification of training devices.

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