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Zurich Integrative Rodent Physiology (ZIRP)


  • Mouse Tunnel
  • zebrafish
  • ZIRPsurgical1
  • MRI2
  • echocardiography
  • Rat-hand
  • skull
  • MausEchoMRI
  • optical imaging


Zurich Integrative Rodent Physiology (ZIRP) is an interdisciplinary core facility within the University of Zurich with the mission to support and strengthen research activities in the field of integrative physiology by providing infrastructure and know-how for the advanced analysis of rodent physiology. ZIRP is open for members of the University and the University Hospitals as well as ETH members – other research groups and companies interested in analyses of rodent physiology are also welcome.

Besides an imaging, laboratory, telemetry and surgical platform ZIRP offers various resources, ranging from special equipment to veterinary and technical support as well as several services tailored to the needs of individual projects.

Additionally, ZIRP aims to strengthen inter-disciplinary co-operations and to optimize the use of available infrastructure by providing a platform where researchers can link each other to share resources and establish co-operations.

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Advancing 3R – Animals, research & society

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 Linking animal and human welfare -
refining rodent euthanasia

Sonja Hartnack, Philippe Bugnon,
Petra Seebeck,
Irina Guseva-Canu

Automated Home Cage Monitoring

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ZIRP - Zurich Integrative Rodent Physiology
UZH Campus Irchel
Winterthurer Str. 190
CH-8057 Zürich
Phone: +41446355095