ZIRP Network

ZIRP closely co-operates with a number of platforms available at the University of Zurich offering expertise and special techniques suitable for rodent phenotyping – please use the menu on the left to learn more about them!

In order to strengthen inter-disciplinary work and to optimize the use of available infrastructure ZIRP also provides a platform where researchers can link each other, share resources and establish co-operations. Please check the special techniques section on the left to find out more!

In case you possess special equipment, know-how or techniques please make it available to the research community!

Please note: the equipment mentioned in the ZIRP network section belongs to individual institutes or workgroups. In case of interest please use the contact information mentioned on the relevant page. All further co-operations and agreements are not under the responsibility of ZIRP and have to be established by mutual consent.

Please use the contact form if you want to offer your equipment to other researchers or if you are searching for a specific technique or equipment!